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NHS & Private GP

The NHS caters to the entire population. This means they are inevitably over stretched at certain times and in certain circumstances. Although the NHS provides an important service to millions, there are many advantages to private healthcare.

Waiting Times

With the NHS there can be long waiting periods before an appointment and processes can therefore take time. In an emergency you will not have to wait for treatment, but there are times when waiting is necessary prior to a check-up or treatment. If a patient is concerned about a potentially serious condition this can be particularly stressful. Private healthcare practices are not catering to everyone so they are not as busy. This means it is much easier to get an appointment at short notice. It has been said that a six month waiting time with the NHS can be reduced to two weeks privately.

Convenient Appointments

Because there are fewer patients, getting an appointment that meets your schedule and suits you best is much easier. With the NHS this can be very difficult, particularly if requiring an early morning or after work appointment. This is particularly the case for appointments that are not booked far in advance. This is rarely a problem with private healthcare.

Better Service

Understandably there are restrictions to the services available through the NHS. There is a limited budget to they have to get value for money as far as the public at large is concerned. With private healthcare, though, the same restrictions are not there and the value for money is better for those who do pay for these services.

Same Consultant / Doctor

It is becoming more and more common for patients to rarely see their “regular” doctor on the NHS. Most surgeries are extremely busy so patients may have to take any appointment available, whichever doctor it is with. This is particularly so when at short notice.

Specialist Care

There are times when you may be unable to get specialist help on the NHS. This is more common if being treated privately. It is often possible to see a specialist immediately rather than a GP. This may mean receiving a quicker diagnosis and, where necessary, being able to begin treatment earlier.

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